Why Pandora ?

Pandora Books was established in 1988 and over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about selecting books for teachers, classrooms and school libraries. Our team’s experience and expertise has helped thousands of teachers meet curriculum requirements, ensure pupil development, and provide invaluable teaching resources for the classroom.

Our Book Collections Team provides the highest quality service, expert knowledge and, where you need it, a personalised service with advice and recommendations. We’ll also provide you with the very best non-fiction and fiction titles, book collections, and teaching resources you need for your classroom.

We promise to;

Save you time

Stop the clock! Our book collections experts will save you time. EVERY book we choose for our collections is read from cover to cover, yes that’s right every book.

Quality is paramount; we ensure our book collections are age-appropriate, spot on regarding text level and content as well as being able to meet the required education aims and needs.
We want you to have peace of mind you have procured the highest quality book collection for your needs.

Save you money

The Book Collections Team makes sure that you have the right combination of book titles in a book collection. Our collections offer the very best value, with discounts on RRP and the occasional offers of course!

Support You

Our teams are on hand to provide the very best service in the industry. With easy to follow teaching resources available, we do the leg-work to ensure you have the books that support the National Curriculum and Schemes of Work.

We also offer library audits and consultancy services with advice and recommendations, so you need never worry about making the right choices for your pupils and curriculum needs.

Keep You Informed

Our teams will keep you informed of the latest books and collections throughout the year. Curriculum amendments, books going out of print and pupil requirements mean your catalogue of books may need refreshing or replacing.

 Our Book Collections Team will work with you to ensure pupil requirements are met, out of print books are replaced with like quality, and you are the first to learn of new books and collections.

Provide Free Book Jackets!

We understand books are a valuable resource and can if not protected become dog-eared, damaged and unusable. it’s important to us you have peace of mind that your books are protected and will last as long as you need them to.