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It is a joy to have confident, thriving readers in the library who can champion reading for pleasure in school. Recommending age-appropriate books for confident readers can be a challenge though, because as well as matching the right reading level, you’ll need to ensure the content is suitable for primary school-aged children. Confident and super-confident readers in Years 5 & 6 will whizz through books and come back for more so we offer plenty of choice in this category. Our UKS2 collections of the best books for confident readers in Years 5 & 6 (aged 9–11?) have books that we have banded at the book band above the expectation for each year group (book bands Dark Red and Black/Black Plus), which makes them suitable for children reading at around one year beyond their expected reading age. For primary school children in Year 5 reading two years or more above their expected reading age we would recommend looking at our Year 6 confident collections and for Year 6 super confident and mature readers please consider our Challenging Reads for Very Able Readers collection and the Black & Black Plus Book Bands collection. For schools using Accelerated Reader™ our most popular collection is AR for Very Able Readers in KS2.