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Our expert team at Pandora Books reads and levels hundreds of ‘real’ books into book bands every year. When we talk about ‘real’ books, we mean books that have not been developed specifically for a reading scheme and have been written for the pure enjoyment of reading. This allows us to take the best children’s books by well-known and debut authors alike and enable children to access just the right books matched to their reading ability.

The levelling is done in a ‘best-fit’ way, meeting the criteria as much as ‘real’ books written without rigid constraints can. A good selection of banded ‘real’ books ensures that every child can find books to help them see themselves as a reader and to enjoy their independent reading. This spread of text levels is important in any school library and our expertly levelled collections help you to top up where you most need it, be those lower levelled texts for Year 3 or confident reads for Year 6. Turquoise to Lime banded collections may include some books banded by publishers and are ideal for children who are developing fluency in their reading.