Rocket Phonics Additional Readers Pack

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  • Book Quantity: 132

For schools using the Reading Planet Rocket Phonics SSP, the Additional Readers Pack offers an engaging range of fiction and non-fiction titles that are perfectly aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 2–6 (2007) and are banded from Pink A to Orange. The Target Reading books are slightly more specific in the sounds covered than the Additional Readers (cover more sounds in each book) but these provide valuable practice, reinforcement and breadth to children reading at home or in school. These fresh, modern titles feature stunning photography and illustrations to keep the attention of the reader and will slot into any existing phonics or banded library.

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About this collection

This set of 132 engaging fully decodable books (expertly aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 2-6 and book bands Pink A to Orange) is a stand-alone resource from Reading Planet, the exciting scheme from Rising Stars. This unique scheme, based on research from Coventry University, recognises the importance of speech rhythm (stresses, rhyme and intonation) alongside phonological awareness, decoding, comprehension and fluency in learning to read.


  • Product Code: K981700W
  • Book Band Level: Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange
  • Key Stage: EYFS, Key Stage 1
  • Year Group: Reception, Year 1
  • Book Genre: Mixed Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Book Quantity: 132
  • Publisher: Rising Stars
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