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The superb Reading Stars scheme was developed by dedicated specialist education publisher, Ransom, in consultation with one of the country’s leading banding expert, and author of some of our most enduring schemes, Shirley Bickler. The books have a bright, refreshing, modern feel to them and the styles and subjects are varied to keep readers enthused. With book band levels Pink to Lime, this scheme is rewarding to readers and a pleasure to use and a valuable addition to KS1 classrooms.

Reading Stars Phonics for Unlocking Letters & Sounds

Unlocking Letters and Sounds is the new systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme from Ransom which has been co-created with two English Hubs, Unlocking Excellence and Mangotsfield Primary. Designed by phonics teachers, this programme has been tested in class and is aligned to the recent DfE Reading Framework and early reading best practice. It supports ‘the lowest 20%’ and is completely integrated with the fully decodable reading programme to ensure absolute fidelity between reading books and the teaching programme.

Alpha Stars

Learn the letters of the alphabet along with common sounds met in the UK government’s Letters and Sounds programme. 26 books cover the alphabet and a further 23 books will provide a colourful introduction to phonemes.

Reading Stars Plus

Ransom’s catch-up series for older readers aged 9–13 who have gaps in their phonic knowledge and need age-appropriate resources to ensure they are secure in their learning. The books cover the phonic phases 2–5 and follow Letters and Sounds week-by-week to ensure fidelity to the programme. They are also extended with a range of banded books for reading practice.