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Project X Code is an intervention programme for children in Years 2 to 4, who are reading a year behind the expected level for their age group. This exciting 3D character series is particularly appealing to boys who will enjoy the continuing series action which has several strands and different entry and exit points. The numbered book-by-book series systematically embeds synthetic phonics to allow children to revisit their phonic learning and improve fluency and comprehension. Each level consists of 2 mini-series each containing 6 books. Packs include the four original Code titles for each of the mini-series plus two additional Code Extra titles.

Each book has two texts. The first is short and fully decodable (100%), containing the focus GPCs (grapheme-phoneme correspondence) and tricky words practised before reading begins to boost confidence. Text 2 is longer and includes the same focus GPCs and tricky words as Text 1 but more varied vocabulary (80% decodable) to create enthralling stories and develop comprehension skills at the right level of reading challenge.