Oxford Reading Schemes for KS2

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Oxford Reading Schemes for Key Stage 2

Leading educational publisher, Oxford, has a wide range of reading schemes for children in KS2. These offer a variety of illustration and text styles, from Graphic Novels to Playscrips, emotionally powerful fiction, hilarious and engaging reads and informative fact books.

Project X Code TreeTops: Fiction TreeTops: Chucklers
TreeTops: Greatest Stories TreeTops: Reflect TreeTops: inFact

Project X Code

A proven reading intervention programme for children in Years 2–4 who are a year or more behind in their word reading. CODE combines phonics and comprehension development in an exciting and motivational character adventure series.

TreeTops: Chucklers

Humorous stories to put a smile on the faces of your junior readers.

TreeTops: Fiction

Expertly levelled stories to unlock the love of reading in every child.

TreeTops: Greatest Stories

A rich series of stories handpicked by Michael Morpurgo to enthral children and develop and extend their reading experiences.

TreeTops: Reflect

Emotionally powerful fiction and non-fiction to make children think.

TreeTops: inFact

Extend and deepen your juniors’ non-fiction experiences.