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Our KS1 reading book collections offer carefully curated book selections to meet the needs of children in Years 1 & 2 (aged 5-7). These include brilliant year group book packs, useful and exciting themed selections, books for reading support, first chapter books and chapter books for transition into KS2, books for confident readers and poetry. While we would never say there are specific books for boys, we understand the importance of encouraging boys to read with the persistent gender reading gap in schools nationally — our Get Boys Reading pack is ideal to address this. Our aim is to provide book collections that will support and enthuse KS1 readers and give them access to the widest possible range of styles, stories and types of texts. These collections are ideal for taking children beyond phonics with books that build reading stamina and comprehension, develop vocabulary, and improve fluency. We offer a wide range of picture book collections that are ideal for sharing in classrooms to encourage reading for pleasure, as well as for children to read themselves.