French Resources - KS1 & KS2 MFL

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Product Code: 8512000W

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9 books and resources

A small but perfectly formed collection to support the teaching of French and provide handy additional resources to engage children. 

Titles include:

  1. A la Maison (French Words I Use)
  2. Au parc (French Words I Use)
  3. French (Languages of the World)
  4. Oxford Children's French-English Visual Dictionary (Oxford Dictionaries)
  5. Harry Learns French (Language Learners)
  6. La Famille
  7. Mon Corps (French Readers)
  8. Snap in French (Cards)
  9. Singing French 22 photocopiable songs and chants for learning French

Please note: On occasion it may be necessary to change some of the titles listed, Pandora Books will replace unobtainable titles with books of equal quality, value and appropriateness.