Floppy’s Phonics Teaching Programme: Phase 3

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A rigorous, easy to use synthetic phonics teaching programme that engages children from the outset and enables them to learn to read quickly. The 12 fully decodable books at Phase 3 (Red and Yellow Level) offer children reading practice that’s matched to their phonic knowledge. These colourful and engaging books use the popular Oxford Reading Tree characters and action-packed illustrations to make learning phonics fun. Developed with Debbie Hepplewhite MBE, a prolific author, trainer and advisor on synthetic phonics.

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About this collection

Containing Books 7-18

Perfectly matched to Letters and Sounds‘ progression and phases, Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters provides step by step learning, as well as built-in practice and revision, to deliver  synthetic phonics.

Featuring 12 titles at book band levels Red and Yellow, Floppy’s Phonics Sounds & Letters Phase 3 continues to support children’s reading progression. Book 7-18 in the series offers further  practice in phonemes including digraphs and trigraphs such as ch, dge, air and igh. Colourfully illustrated scenes with labels, enable children to read words that practise and revise a specific  phoneme and grapheme. The questions ask children to spot other words in the illustration and practise previously learned sounds. All of the illustrations feature characters from the much-loved Oxford Reading Tree family. This set of books is fitted with a protective jacket to protect and preserve their life in school.

  • Product Code: K914000W
  • Book Band Level: Red, Yellow
  • Key Stage: EYFS
  • Year Group: Reception
  • Book Genre: Fiction
  • Book Quantity: 12
  • Publisher: Oxford
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