Extreme Sport - KS2

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10 book collection. Extreme Sport is a popular collection where children will see the risks, skills, equipment and techniques involved in their favourite sports.

Titles include:

  1. Motorcycles (Motorsports)
  2. Skiing (Get Outdoors)
  3. Extreme Sports People (21st Century Lives)
  4. Rock Climbing (Know Your Sport)
  5. Animal Sports (Extreme Sports)
  6. Air Sports (Extreme Sports)
  7. Kayaking and Canoeing (Know Your Sport)
  8. Cycling (Know Your Sport)
  9. Water Sports (Extreme Sports)
  10. Snowboarding (No Limits)

Please note: On occasion it may be necessary to change some of the titles listed, Pandora Books will replace unobtainable titles with books of equal quality, value and appropriateness.