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Creating a Reading for Pleasure Community

Fostering a culture of reading for pleasure within our school communities goes far beyond encouraging children to simply choose a book and read…

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Books to Support the RF

Books to Support the Reading Framework (July 2023)

The updated Reading Framework sets out guidance on the teaching of reading in schools. It draws on…

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Book Bands — A Guide

What are Book Bands? Why Use Book Bands? What are the Book Band Colours? How do you..

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Sample Pages by Book Band-510x377

Compare Reading Scheme Sample Pages by Book Band

Make selecting your reading scheme easy by viewing sample pages by book band from all the leading ed..

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Phonics Basket

Phonics Mapping & Support Documents

We’ve collated mapping & supporting documents from publishers of phonics resources to help you e..

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How diverse and inclusive are the books in your school?

What do we mean by diversity and inclusion? These interconnected concepts refer to the variety of u..

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