Get Active, Creative & Clever - KS2 PSHE

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Product Code: 8511800W

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14 book collection.

Get creative juices flowing, muscles moving and brains in gear with this exciting collection designed to show children how many different ways there are to develop new skills and interests.  All good teachers know children’s development is so much broader than the curriculum and the pleasure of seeing them develop as individuals and here there is something for each and every one of them.

Titles include:

  1. Card Tricks (Secrets Of Magic)
  2. The Children's Book of Music
  3. Kids' Kitchen (The Fizz Bang Pop Cookbook)
  4. Make a Podcast (Find Your Talent)
  5. Smashing Snacks (Professor Cook's)
  6. The Brilliant Book of Easy Crafts (Children's Book Of)
  7. Crafts for Pampering Yourself (Eco Chic)
  8. Journals & Blogging (Culture in Action)
  9. Close-Up Tricks (Secrets of Magic)
  10. Kayaking and Canoeing (Know Your Sport)
  11. Swimming & Diving (Olympic Sports)
  12. Gymnastics (Tell Me About Sport)
  13. Indoor Games (Games Handbook)
  14. Football (Tell Me About Sport)

Please note: On occasion it may be necessary to change some of the titles listed, Pandora Books will replace unobtainable titles with books of equal quality, value and appropriateness.