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World book day is just around the corner (2nd March 2017) and is a fantastic celebration of books and a superb opportunity to encourage children and young adults to pick up a book.

As an avid reader, I cannot imagine life without a book even in this electronic age. We all read for different reasons, to learn, to escape, to entertain or to reduce stress. It’s an important way for me to step out of the fast lane even if just for a few minutes, it keeps me sane if nothing else!

I have always been fascinated by books; I remember the Ladybird titles from primary school vividly; Roderick the Red Pirate’, ‘Gregory the Green Pirate’ and ‘The Hobbit’ ignited a lasting passion for the fantasy fiction genre. Reading is also critical to my career and professional development; it’s also a reason I decided marketing was for me – the power of words.
Not everyone will have a passion for books and today’s book publishers have a challenge on their hands competing with on-demand TV, social media and the ever-increasing/changing magazine offerings. I believe that books still have an important part to play in the future of children’s lives and not just academically.

A quick search on the internet will provide you will a multitude of reasons why people read – entertainment, tranquillity, to get to sleep and many more. There are proven educational, health and cognitive development benefits for everyone, and we all just need to ensure that future generations at least try a book or two. With a multitude of genres available there surely is something that has the potential to inspire children to read to learn or just enjoy, we just need to get the right book in their hands.

World Book day is a fabulous opportunity to encourage children to read and just celebrate how great books are.

About World Book Day

World book day is in its 20th years and is marked in 100 countries on the 2nd March. Its aim is t encourage children to discover and explore the pleasure of books by giving them the opportunity to have a book of their own. Although this year Pandora Books is not an official participant in the WBD token scheme, we hope our promotion of £1 per book on the 2nd March will help spread the WBD message and celebrate our passion for all things books.

Duncan Jones
Marketing Manager

Posted in General By Duncan Jones


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