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This is an opinion that is sure to cause controversy! Author GP Taylor believes that children's literature has become too frightening and should be marked with an age certification system.View
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A new app which aims to offer children around the world increased access to education is being backed by prominent UK authors. John Boyne, the author of the international bestseller The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is one such author and is joined by fellow authors from Random House Children's Publishers, Dee Shulman and Louise Yates among others.View
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A Fall in Bedtime Stories

A new survey, carried out by YouGov, has revealed that a third of UK parents only read a bedtime story to their children once a week or less, with one in ten of the 2,000 parents adding that they haven’t read to their children more than once in six months.View
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Many prominent children’s authors, among them Michael Rosen and Harriet Goodwin, have come out strongly in support against new proposed legislation that promotes strict spelling, grammar and phonics testing for school children in the UK. The authors argue that such strict guidelines pose a real threat to the enjoyment of reading purely for pleasure and that recommendations to develop a more structured framework for reading and writing for the sake of it have been ignored.View
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A new study claims that teaching toddlers to pay attention will benefit them in the long run, especially when it comes to academic success. The study which tracked 430 kids from early years age to 21 year olds makes the recommendation that pressure should be taken off children to learn maths and their ABCs, and instead the attention should be focused on helping them persist in difficult tasks and build perseverance. The study by Oregon State University showed that the children most likely to go on to further education were the ones who persisted in tasks and paid the most attention in early years sessions not the ones who were attending piano lessons and being forced to read books.View
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