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Storytime & Discombobulating

BBC Radio 2 500 Words 2017The ever-brilliant Children’s 500 words 2017 competition has been and gone! Every year I catch the event listening to Radio 2, and I never fail to be inspired by the children and the stories I hear.

This year has more significance for me as working in the education sector I now have a professional interest in children’s learning development. I have learnt much more about children’s reading and writing which has led me to download the Oxford Children’s Corpus Language Report..

The report is an intriguing insight into how children’s minds use the world and the media around themselves to produce wonderfully imaginative literary works. I have a 4-year-old daughter, and I am astounded daily by her language development, use of context, humour and imagination for what I see as ordinary or mundane (and not just because I’m her Dad!).

As well as learning professionally, during my daughter's bedtime story time I have found that I am also learning from her, or rather I am re-learning how to look at the world. My role as Marketing Manager means I have a creative element to my working day, but my creative thought process pales in comparison to the mind of a 4-year-old and all other ages too.

The OUP report shows how the children who entered drew on events and news around them to weave their magic using word play - trumplizer, Trumplestilskin are two of my favourites. Superheroes feature prominently with Batman top of the list and Pokemon makes an appearance for the Gaming world.

The report for me provided great insight, but what really stood out for me is that there is much joy in the way children use and process information around them and bring even more colour to the world. It’s uplifting, and a delight to see children’s minds at work, and I hope their imaginations continue to be encouraged by parents, teachers, and well, just about everyone.

I will certainly be continuing to enjoy my discombobulating story times with my daughter and her favourite books. As well as guiding her I fully intend to continue to learn from her; there’s a whole world out there to be waiting to be re-discovered after all!

Posted in General By Duncan Jones


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