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The Stone Age Challenge

I will admit to not being the biggest fan of the chronological approach to teaching history but the Stone Age is turning out to be as exciting as the Egyptians and can definitely be the start of a lifelong love of History. Ok so the Egyptians had mummification, the pyramids, hieroglyphics and Anubis but the Stone Age had trepanning, Stonehenge, cave paintings and mammoths!

There are now some lovely resources but it is how teachers are using them which really brings this topic to life. There is, of course, the usual free downloadable stuff which pads out topic folders and displays and makes them look lovely, but alongside the swathes of word searches and decorative borders to colour in are some true gems that will have the whole class switched on and excited about the Stone Age.

My personal favourites are the lesson plans by ‘williamdot’ and the Museum of London ‘Stone Age Story Telling’ activity*. Sending Year 3 outside to gather food for a Stone Age meal or asking them to communicate using only pictures is much more likely to really get them thinking about life in this era. How about making a model of Stonehenge to take outside on a sunny day and observe the movement of the shadows, designing a mammoth trap or telling hunting stories round a ‘camp fire’. These ideas are exciting and the lesson plans that feature them are brilliantly conceived and well worth a look.

Children never forget how the Egyptians removed the brains of those to be mummified and the Stone Age can leave the same indelible memories in the future and create as many keen historians.

Our book collection, Early Britons and Celts, offers children an exciting and engaging peek into this mysterious age and is an excellent starting point for a chronological approach to the study of History.

*TES website


Written by Marcia Napp, Book Collections Manager.

Posted in General By Kelly McBride


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