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Our Early Years Books are designed to introduce babies and young children to the world around them. With a plethora of reading choices, they include visually stimulating pictures and a rich variety of language that will engage and encourage children to love books as much as we do.

We know that young children enjoy and learn from expressive language that is rhythmic, and rhymes and simple stories that reflect their own experiences in this big wide world. So what do we have on offer? Let’s give you an overview.

Our Big Books Series  makes stories as large as life so that children can easily see and share.  Lots of rhyme and repetition will get kids joining in and the adventures of characters such as Chimp & Zee and Boris will capture imagination with simple but exciting scenarios.

The Animal In Our Lives series will be a big hit with children who love to name animals in their early years and of course mimic their sounds.  These books introduce animals in their natural habitats and will encourage children to identify objects they will see in their own lives.

Early Years Prizewinners are a must have series of books which includes award winning books such as Harris Finds His Feet and Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide. These books have already have offered inspiring messages to children of all ages, let them do the same to yours.

Everyone wants to encourage children to eat healthily but it can be easier said than done. Our Healthy Eating – Early Years can help to take the pressure off. These books helps show off a wide variety of food and help to make choices fun and above all, healthy.

If any of our readers have shared our early years books with their pupils, we’d love to what you think of them, and which are your favourite! Just let us know below….

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