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Butter, Books and Choice

A complete stranger in Tesco’s gave me a derisive snort this week….my son was asking if we could have some ordinary butter and I was trying to persuade him of the merits of the award winning goats butter that I favour, so I do understand the snort. The thing is that I spend a lot of my time sourcing the very best books for schools and it is my job to be particular.

This does not mean only sourcing the book equivalent of goat butter. I am not buying books to treat myself, I am trying to find the perfect selection of books to appeal to lots of different young readers. There needs to be a variety but if you want there to be books to excite your voracious readers, to entice those that don’t usually choose to read and to encourage those who find reading challenging then they need to be carefully chosen.

The idea is not to choose what children read but to offer them a brilliant selection to give every reader in the class a choice of books at the right text level that interest, entertain and inspire them to read more.

The butter solution was simple, my son could choose the perfect butter for him and we would take both home. I am sure that my snorting stranger would think this terribly extravagant but it is quite modest as treats go and we both think our toast is the best we have ever tasted.

Marcia Napp, Book Collections Expert

Pandora Books, Book Collections Development Team

Posted in General By Duncan Jones


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