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A Fall in Bedtime Stories

Included in the survey were 400 teachers, three quarters of who when surveyed, indicated that attention spans of pupils were shorter than in the past.

Alarmingly, 94% of the teachers questioned felt that children were not spending enough time reading for pleasure.

Reading for Pleasure

Many literacy experts acknowledge that reading for pleasure and developing a love of books, is one of the pivotal ways in helping a child to read and write well, and introducing books to children at a young age can be very beneficial.

The survey suggested that one fifth of the parents waited till their child was at least two years old before they read to them; however, experts agree that even the youngest children enjoy looking at simple books. Hearing sounds of words and rhymes whilst being explained what is going on in the story, helps create an understanding of the meaning of words and aids speech and language development.

How Time’s Spent

Parents with children at primary school or younger claimed their children were spending three times as much as much time “on screen” than reading books, and on average their children are watching TV for 90 minutes, computer games for 42 minutes and various online activities for 28 minutes.

It cannot be denied that it is becoming significantly more difficult for both parents and children,  who face increasing demands on their attention, however it remains essential that children are encouraged to develop a love of reading from an early age, so as to ensure the very best opportunities in developing both their reading and writing skills.

Our Collections

To support the development of literacy of young children, we have an extensive early years books collection, which supports a child’s physical development, first concepts and stimulation.

Please let us know your thoughts on our collection, and let us know if there are any favourite stories!

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