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Pandora Books was established in 1989 and over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about selecting books for teachers, classrooms and school libraries. Our team’s experience and expertise has helped thousands of teachers select the ideal reading scheme books for their school, assisted them to monitor progress in reading, meet curriculum requirements, and offered the most inspiring, exciting and engaging books to promote reading for pleasure.

Our Book Collections team read many hundreds of brand new children’s books even before they are published each year and work with teachers to stay on top of curriculum developments and changes in Ofsted requirements so that we can ensure that our collections fit the needs of schools today. We provide the highest quality service, expert knowledge and, where you need it, a personalised service with advice and recommendations. Whether you are looking to create a new school library, update classroom topic resources or replace tired, home-school reading books with enticing reads from leading educational publishers, we have hand-picked selections that teachers trust.  Our collections are good value, high quality and made for classrooms and school libraries. We’ll also supply all your books fitted with free protective jackets so that books last a long time and are easy to clean.

We promise to;


Our book collections experts will save you time, with so many new books being published every year, it’s hard to ensure your library is up to date with the best of the new crop with a balance for each year group. Every book we choose for our collections is read from cover-to-cover to enable us to place it perfectly in one of our collections. Our expert team have colour banded each new fiction book, so schools using a book band system can pop each book straight in the right place on the shelves. We even supply colour-coded boxes and stickers.

Quality is paramount; we ensure our book collections are age-appropriate, spot-on with regard to content and text level as well as being able to meet the required educational needs. Our non-fiction collections are regularly updated to ensure that the content is relevant and up-to-date so that children are learning current information. Collections are also aligned to current curriculum requirements and schemes of work.

Our website allows you to Share Your Basket, as we know an order may well have to go through an approval process before being placed. Simply pop what you want in a basket and use this function to email the whole basket to a colleague, to amend, update or simply approve and place the order. No more writing codes and totting up on the calculator.



The Book Collections Team makes sure that you have the right combination of books in each collection, so that every book earns its’ place and there is no padding. Our collections offer the very best value, with only quality books included, discounts on RRP and the occasional offers of course!  As a schools supplier, we offer payment by invoice so paperwork is simple to manage.


Our teams are on hand to provide the very best service in the industry. Our Knowledge Hub has a number of useful resources for teachers and librarians researched and written by our in-house experts.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive emails highlighting new collections, and in-depth Knowledge Hub articles which are packed with detailed information from the latest requirements of the Ofsted Reading Deep Dive, to the multitude of benefits a great non-fiction library selection can bring. These are updated throughout the year.

It’s important to refresh library stocks as books become damaged, lost or go out of date and sometimes curriculum amendments may mean a whole area needs looking at again. You may have had a wish list for some time and your PTA has raised funds for a long-awaited update. Our Customer Services Team will work with you to ensure you are given the support you need to order the right collections with confidence.



We understand books are a valuable resource and can, if not protected, become dog-eared, damaged and unusable. It’s important to us that your books will last a good while, so we supply all our books fitted with free protective jackets that are also very easy to clean.

A note about recycling:

Pandora Books supply all our paperbacks fitted with FREE protective jackets so that your books last longer and don’t have to be replaced as often. Currently, the only available protective jackets which are fit for purpose are manufactured using PVC because biodegradable alternatives will not withstand contact with water and so offer limited protection for books. Our protective jackets can be recycled up to 7 times before the compound can no longer be kept clear, after which it can be recycled into coloured or black PVC. If your local recycling centre does not offer PVC recycling, our suppliers KPC Book Products are happy to take back any PVC product that has reached the end of its life and ensure it is recycled. This recycling is processed in two ways:

• made into park benches and soft matting for outdoor children’s play parks

• made into the same raw material to create more PVC products

If your school would like to recycle any protective jackets which have finally reached the end of their use, please contact KPC Book Protection Ltd directly who will be able to assist you.

Pandora Books are proud to be a member of the School Library Association, a registered charity that works towards all schools in the UK having their own (or shared) staffed library to help all children and young people fulfil their potential.


With a combined 50 years’ experience working in schools, education and children’s book publishing the Pandora Book Collections Team know their stuff.

Meet The Team

Pandora Books are proud supporters of Read for Good

“At Read for Good, our vision is that all children develop a life-changing love of reading, for a more equal society. Our mission is to enable, empower and motivate children and young people to discover the joy of reading. We work to ensure that children and young people have ACCESS to a wide and vibrant CHOICE of the best brand new books, and we provide the all-important INSPIRATION to help them discover a life-changing love of reading. We are enormously grateful for the support of Pandora Books, who share our belief that books can be transformative.”

The books are obviously chosen with care and skill and the layout of the catalogue and the year group packs meant that ordering a large amount of books took no time at all. I am delighted with them all! They have already taken pride of place in our library and there is a real buzz as children are choosing not just one book but a whole list that they want to read!
Amanda Dakin Literacy Co-ordinator
Many thanks for providing such a wonderful selection of books. Very impressed that the books all had plastic covers on which will help protect them and extend their lifespan. Good for the literacy budget too!
Rachel Hutchinson Head Teacher
Fantastic service provided from Pandora Books with quick efficient delivery, the books received are amazing and our children will love reading these for years to come, thank you I will be returning soon.
Rachel Warrender School Business Manager